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1.Indoor multifunctional full band amplifier,frequency can be changed according to customer requirements


3.Built-in power supply(AC100-240V  DC24V)

4.Built-in spectrum filter protection circuit,It can effectively prevent 4G signal and 5G signal from interfering with TV.

5.UHF1 port has 12 v and 24 v voltage supply, can choose to switch, guarantee the normal  work of the preamp preamplifier

6.This product is fully functional and suitable for private villas, apartments and other residential use.

7. It can support up to 30~60 users at the same time.


  Product model EA5013B
  Input port BI/FM BIII/DAB UHF1 UHF2
  Output port Out+Test
  Frequency Range: 45-112MHz 174-240MHz 470-694MHz 470-694MHz
  Gain 42±2dB 42±2dB 45±2dB 45±2dB
  Return loss 12dB 12dB 12dB 12dB
  Max  Output  Level 118dBuV 118dBuV 118dBuV 118dBuV
  Gain adjustable range: 0-20dB 0-20dB 0-20dB 0-20dB
  Slope adjustment: / / 0~12dB 0~12dB
  Signal input power supply: / / UHF1 OFF/12V/24V Max 200mA /
  Working Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz Built-in switching power supply
  Working temperature:  -20~80 (℃) 
  Output gain power
  Product size: 265X130X75mm
  Packing: 10PCS/CTN        (32x33x43 CM)
The frequency of each band can be customized by customers!

Installation instructions

1. Please choose the place with good ventilation and heat dissipation, and install the product in the wall without rain 
    erosion or special distribution box.

2. Determine the size at the selected construction position according to the product installation position dimension drawing.

3. Take out the fixing screws in the product and packaging box, first fix screw A, but do not tighten it too tightly, 
    then fix screw B, then fix screw C, and finally tighten all screws.
4. Install the power supply socket in a suitable position near the product. The socket should preferably have a switch
     to cut off the power when necessary.

5. Firmly install the outdoor antenna in a suitable position and adjust the orientation.

6. Connect the processed cable with the amplifier and antenna, and connect the antenna with different functions with 
    the corresponding input port of the amplifier, and do not connect it in the wrong position.

7. After connecting the antenna and the amplifier, turn on the power. First observe whether the power indicator of 
    the amplifier is on. The indicator is normal and the connection is successful.

8. Connect the TV signal meter or TV equipment at the test output end of the amplifier, adjust the TV signal 
    strength potentiometer of various frequency bands to the best effect, and finally connect the back-end user
     network with the main output port.

9. Make final adjustment to the user terminal according to the length and quality of the user cable. If necessary, 
    adjust the slope potentiometer to balance the signal attenuation of the cable.

10. Note that when the cable connected with the antenna is connected to the port of the amplifier, it can't be straight down. 
    It needs a wavy bend, so that the rainwater down the cable will not enter the amplifier.


If you have any installation technical problems,please email to: 
The after-sales service department will answer for you within 24 hours (except holidays)