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EMC1230A (12V3A)

product description:                                                     

1.  Input voltage : AC 90-264V 50/60HZ 

2.  Output voltage :12V(According to customer requirement to customize 12.6V and other special voltage ) 

3.  valid Output current : 2000mA~3000mA (The current can be customized according to  
     customer requirement ) 

4.  with shorted circuit protection and overload protection 

5.  Output voltage tolerance scope:±2% 

6.  Working environment temperature :-20-50℃ 

7.  Storage temperature:-40-80℃ 

8.  Work Humidity:20%-90%RH 

9.  Installed with EMI filter , low ripple(Under 50mvp). 

Special instructions: 

1.This power adapter has a wide input voltage range, suitable for all countries and regions, customers only need to provide their own plug type. 

2.The factory standard for DC output line length is 1.2 meters, if customers have special requirements, please inform in advance. 

3.When customer order power adapter should provide accurate DC plug parameters (the factory has provided some models for reference). 

4.The power adapter through the CE UL FCC RoHS GS and so on certification , customers need certificates please inform in advance. 

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