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1.Zinc die cast housing  
2.Wilkinson microstrip circuit design, strong resistance to high and low temperature properties, suitable for CATV, SATV,   communication base station  
3.Output port to input port power pass:max.800mA,24V,Provide power supply specified port  
4.All port F-(f) connector,75Ω  



Frequency Range

Insertion Loss

Mutual Isolation(dB)

Return Loss(dB)

2-5MHz 13.2dB 13dB  10.0dB
5-47MHz 12.0dB  10dB 11.6dB
47-863MHz 10.2dB  18dB 10.0dB
863-1500MHz 10.6dB  28dB 8.50dB
1500-2150MHz 11.0dB  26dB 13.0dB


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