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1. 16 satellite IF inputs and 1 terrestrial TV input 
2. Subscribers outputs select trunk signal by 13/18V,0/22kHz and DiSEqC2.0 commands
3. Low insertion loss designed for network with more than 48 subscribers
4. Built-in  amplifier to compensate cable loss from input to subscribers.
5. External high-stability power adaptor (current more than 2 A )
6. Environmental friendly metal housing with plastic holder
7. 16 satellite IF inputs meet complex SMATV system requirement



Frequency Range: SAT950~2300MHz

Frequency Range :TER 5~862MHz

Input: 16Sat+1Terr+one power in

Output: 17Cascade+12User

loss SAT(user):3dB

loss TER(user):2.5/(26)dB

loss SAT(Trunk):-5dB

loss TER(Trunk):-4dB

Isolation SAT/SAT:32dB

Isolation SAT/TER:30dB


User Max Output Level(SAT):100dBuV

User Max Output Level(Terr):89/(/)dBuV

Input/output connector:75Ω

DC Current Consumption:55/(10)mA

Current Pass Per Trunk:500mA

Working Temperature:-40~+80°C


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