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1. 4 satellite if inputs and 1 terrestrial TV input, 24 user outputs and 4 satellite if +1 terrestrial TV Cascadable outputs.Cascadable multiSwitch,External power supply.
2. Control signal of DVB to switch: 13V / 18V, 0 / 22K.
3. The special preamplifier is used to compensate the signal loss between LNB and switch, cascaded output is basically lossless. Users can use ordinary satellite splitter to divide LNB signal into 4 channels at most, and connect 4 multiSwitch (RG6 cable should not exceed 40m). The advantage is that the whole system does not need additional amplifiers.
4. Post amplifier is used to compensate the signal loss of the user cable. Cable length from the user to the multiswitch can reach 80 meters.
5. The signal strength of preamplifier can be adjusted to make the system work in the best state.
6. Multi switch built-in 22khz signal generator, compatible with universal Quad LNB and Quattro Quad LNB
7. The terr port has a power switch selector, which can be User request.
8. All signal input ports have independent current protection circuit and lightning protection function design. If one of the ports fails, the other circuits will continue to operate.
9. External AC90V ~ 265V switching power supply is professionally designed, and customers in different regions can customize it for free

10. All connectors are made of gold-plated pure copper, all ports there are extra waterproof gaskets to prevent moisture and water.
11. Our products have environmental tinplate shell and unique luxury plastic frame.


Model EMC5524S
Terr Frequency Range 5-862MHz
Sat Frequency Range 950-2150MHz
User Frequency Range 5-2150MHz
Input ports 4 Sat + 1 Terr
Output ports 24 user+Cascadable(4Sat+1Terr)
User to control 13/18V,0K / 22kHz
User Sat gain ≥ 3 dB
Sat insertion loss Trunk 0 dB
Sat signal slope Trunk 0 dB
User Terr gain ≤2dB
Terr insertion loss Trunk ≤-3dB
Inputs isolation  Sat \ Terr ≥30dB
Inputs isolation  V \ H ≥25dB
Isolation  low/high bands ≥35dB
Return Loss ≥12dB
User Max Output Level Sat 98 dBµV
User Max Output Level Terr 88 dBµV
Impedance(all ports) 75 Ω
DC Current Consumption 220 mA+LNB
Working Voltage AC100-240V
Working Temperature -40~ +80℃
Product size:(mm) 300×130×43 mm
Packing size: 41X28X28CM
Packing QTY : 10PCS/CTN

Since the switch has built in amplification circuit and a slope compensation circuit, the cascade output port has no signal attenuation and slope loss. This solution greatly improves the reliability of big TV projects.

The S-Series MultiSwitch of our company is a new generation of intelligent switch. Users usually don't need external amplifier, optical fiber LNB (any LNB can be used), and expensive multi-channel splitter (our company's general SMATV splitter is OK). Technicians should pay attention to this.

Installation diagram 1

1. The red button switch is the power switch for terr antenna, which can be turned on if the customer needs to provide power in UHF band.

2. 5way input signal gain adjusting potentiometers are specially used to control the signal strength in the system, especially in the 

   cascade system, which can balance the signal equalization at all levels.

3. Switch cascade output port. If there is no need to cascade, you only need to install 75Ω AC impedance device at the port, 

   which can be used as terminal switch. The impedance device can be purchased in local area or can be supported by our company.

Installation diagram 2

Installation dimension drawing