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1.  4 satellite IF input and 1 terrestrial TV input, for 16 users output.
2.  Subscribers output select truck signal controlled by :13V / 18V ,0 / 22K.
3.  Double built-in amplifier circuit, front-end amplifier circuit is used to compensate the LNB input signals of cable. 
     After end amplifier circuit is used to compensate the users signal cable. The cable length from LNB to multiswitch
     can be up to 50 meters, and the cable length from multiswitch to users can be up to 100 meters.
4.  All the input signal can be adjusted to strong or weak, and it also can eliminate the imbalance phenomenon 
     of the signal strength which bring from LNB
5.  There is the built-in 22KHz signal generator in this multiswitch, which can automatically drive by universal LNB
      (different kinds of LNB can be used with this multiswitch)
6.  Terr port has power supply switch selector, which can provide power to antenna system according to the 
     users request.
7.  Each signal input circuit is independent of the current protection circuit. And if one external short circuit will 
     stop working, other circuit still continue to work.
8.  External AC90V ~ 265 V switching power supply is a professional design. For the professional test report, this 
     multiswitch won’t be burned or broken even by more than 50 ℃ of daily temperature in summer or under higher
     than unstable voltage on about 250 V .
9.  All F connectors are made of copper, which is plated copy gold color for the surface. And all ports 
     have extra waterproof shim, so it is moisture proof and waterproof.
10Our products have the environmental tinplate shell and unique luxury plastic frame.


Parameter Condition Specification
 Frequency range Sat. trunks  950~2150 MHz
Terr.trunks  5~872 MHz
User outputs  5~2150 MHz
 Input  ports    4 Sat+1 Terr
 Output  ports    16 user+5Cascade
 User to control    13/18V,0K / 22kHz

 Insertion loss
Sat-user  0~+15 dB  adjustable gain
Terr-user  -18~+2 dB  adjustable gain
Sat-trunks  0~+15 dB  adjustable gain
Terr-trunks  -3 dB

 Inputs isolation-user
Sat / Terr  30 dB
low/high bands  30 dB
V / H    28 dB
 Inputs isolation-trunk Between channel  32 dB
 User Max Output Level
Sat  100 dBµV
Terr  89 dBµV
 DC Current Consumption    200 mA+LNB    (Signal input is active)
 Temperature range    -40~+80°c
 Dimension    240×130×75 mm
 Packing    10 PCS/CTN
 Carton size  (L  W  H)    38X33X43 CM 

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