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1. 4 satellite if inputs and 1 terrestrial TV input, 32 user outputs.Terminal multiSwitch,built-in power supply.
2. Control signal of DVB to switch: 13V / 18V, 0 / 22K.
3. Built in amplifierr is used to compensate the signal loss of the user cable. 
4. Multi switch built-in 22khz signal generator, compatible with universal Quad LNB and Quattro Quad LNB
5. Built-in AC90V ~ 265V switching power supply is professionally designed, and customers in different regions can customize it for free
6. Our products have environmental tinplate shell and unique luxury plastic frame.


Model EMC532P
Terr Frequency Range 5-862MHz
Sat Frequency Range 950-2150MHz
User Frequency Range 5-2150MHz
Input ports 4 Sat + 1 Terr
User to control 13/18V,0K / 22kHz
User out ports 32 user
User Sat insertion loss ≤ 3dB
User Terr insertion loss ≤ 3dB
Inputs isolation  Sat \ Terr ≥32dB
Inputs isolation  V \ H ≥25dB
Isolation  low/high bands ≥35dB
Return Loss ≥10dB
User Max Output Level Sat 100 dBµV
User Max Output Level Terr 89 dBµV
Impedance(all ports) 75 Ω
DC Current Consumption 80 mA+LNB
Working Voltage AC100-240V
Working Temperature -40- +80℃
Product size:(mm) 465×130×75 mm
Packing size: 52 x 33 x 43 CM
Packing QTY : 10PCS / CTN

Installation diagram