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1. 2 satellite IF inputs and 1 terrestrial TV input
2. Subscribers outputs select trunk signal by 13/18V
3. Built-in amplifications circuit to compensate cable loss
4. 6 Subscriber outputs.  
5. DVB Power Adaptor,  Stand-alone multiswitch. 
6. Zinc die cast housing,  Sealed with silicon glue to proof water.

 Item    Model      EMC304                                                         
 Input  frequency :  Sat 950-2150MHz/13V  (Vertical Polarization )
 Sat 950-2150MHz/18V (Horizontal Polarization)
 Terr 5-872MHz (Brazil 174-806MHz)
 Input portos  13V (Vertical  Polarization ) and 18V (Horizontal Polarization) and Terrestrial Input
 Output portos  4 output portos User
 Insertion Loss  ≤ 2,0dB @ 5-872MHz (Brazil 174-806MHz)
 ≤ 1,0dB @ 950 -2150 MHz
 Gain flatness  ± 2.0 dB
 Output ports Isolation  >20 dB
 Band rejection  Terr to Sat
 ≥ 40 dB
 Band rejection  Sat to Terr
 ≥ 40 dB
 Return Loss (input and output)  >11,0dB
 Isolation (Vertical / Horizontal):  28 dB
 Impedance (Z)  75 Ω
 Vertical Voltage switching  10.0-14.0V DC
 Horizontal Voltage switching  15.5V-21.0V DC
 Vertical polarization DC Loss  ≤1.0V
 Horizontal polarization DC Loss
 Current consumption  <90 (mA)
 Power passing   RX Ports to LNB Ports ≥ 400 mA
 Working temperature:      -40~80(℃)
 Dimensions (Length x width ) max  LxW → 100mmX100mm
 Packing:  100PCS/CTN     (400x200x200MM)       11.5Kg\CTN

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