EMC9912S Features:
1. Professional multiswitch with high sensitivity
2. 8Satellite IF inputs and 1 terrestrial TV inpupt, 12 user out
3. User control: 13/18V,0/22kHz and DiSEqC 1.0(2.0) commands
4. Trunk compensation amplifier circuit, in Cascade 0 ~ 15 dB gain adjustable output , ensure the cascade output signal no attenuation
5. supports cable lengths up to  200 meters , suitable for Decentralized apartment project
6. power adaptor is professional with strong power and low ripple interference and good High heat dissipation system
7. With User LED indicator
8. Trunk  all ports have current protection circuit



  Parameter Condition Specification
  Frequency range Sat. trunks 950~2150MHz
Terr.trunks 5~872MHz
User outputs 5~2150MHz
   Input  ports   8Sat+1Terr
  Output  ports   12user+9Cascade
  User to control   13/18V,0/22kHz and DiSEqC 1.0/2.0 commands

  Insertion loss
Sat-user  0~+15dB  adjustable gain
Terr-user  -18~+2dB  adjustable gain
Sat-trunks  0~+15dB  adjustable gain
Terr-trunks -5dB

  Inputs isolation-user
V/H 25dB
low/high bands 28dB
Sat/Sat    30dB
  Inputs isolation-trunk Between channel  32dB
  User Max Output Level
Sat 100dBµV
Terr 89dBµV
  DC Current Consumption   280mA+LNB    (Signal input is active)
  Temperature range   -40~+80°c
  Dimension   240×230×60mm